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About Bas

Throughout his MMA career, Rutten was known as a devastating stand-up striker with 11 career wins by knockout and 14 wins by submission.

He was undefeated in his last 22 fights. Considered one of the top 5 greatest MMA fighters with 28-career wins, Rutten has competed in the USA, Japan and Europe with highlights including three-time undefeated King of Pancrase; Dutch Muay-Thai Champion; and an undefeated UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Rutten, who has trained the military’s elite special forces, continues to promote a healthy living lifestyle. At Bas Rutten’s Elite MMA; he trains instructors around the globe in The Official Bas Rutten MMA Systems; and designed the 02 Trainer, the official Bas Rutten Inspiratory Muscle Trainer. He also promotes a healthy diet to kids as a “Fitness Guru” in Cartoon Network’s Get Healthy Campaign.

Additionally, as a life-long avid movie-lover, it was Bruce Lee movies in which a young Rutten would imitate kicks and punches that led to his career in martial arts. It’s only fitting that his passion for film would continue as an adult. In Fall 2012, Rutten will appear opposite Kevin James and Salma Hayek in the Columbia Pictures’ comedy Here Comes The Boom. His previous film roles have included the hit features Zookeeper and Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Additionally, Rutten co-hosted the unscripted self-defense series Punk Payback.

So, with all of this under his belt, (no pun intended), and with his world-reknowned notoriety as a mixed martial artist, former UFC Heavyweight Champion, and now as the cost host and insider voice to the world of MMA news and analysis, it’s no wonder that Bas Rutten easily found himself a niche in product marketing of his best brand – himself!

With a line of men’s, women’s and children apparel, the amazing O2 Trainer, and other workout gear, accessories and even DVD’s… Bas Rutten has something for everyone from young to old, for those looking to get in shape, to those looking to take their fitness to another level, and even those who are just huge fans of the MMA, UFC or Bas himself.

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