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Bas’ Beats Episode I – Inner Ninja by Classified feat. David Myles

| August 1, 2015

Hola amigos. Bas is an avid music listener and wants to share his favorite beats with you! Hopefully you can take something from each of these songs and share with Bas some of your favorites as well.

First up is the banger “Inner Ninja.” The song is performed by hip hop artist Classified and singer David Myles. This songs depicts the struggle the duo of musicians face in their lives and how they go about dealing with them. All it took for them to find personal success was to channel their “inner ninja.” Your inner ninja being your willpower to move on and vault over whatever life puts in your path.

Bas compares the song to his journey, “This is struggling, winning and getting a grip on life, much like fighting… To get [self] control and then win the battles that are on your way, blocking stuff you wanna go for.”

Check it out below.


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