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Here Comes the Boom with Bas Rutten Released on Blu Ray

| February 25, 2013

The Film

Kevin James is the star performer in “Here Comes the Boom,” now available on DVD and Blu-ray. James plays Scott Voss, a biology teacher, who had been a Division I wrestler in his youth. His story is one that is likely to appeal to and sound familiar to most of us.

A former talent in both teaching and fighting, Voss has fallen into a rut of disenchantment and disinterest. He fortunately doesn’t remain there for long, because life’s demands awaken him. His friend is a music teacher at his school who is in a serious dilemma. The school lacks sufficient funds to keep the music department going and plans on cutting one position. It’s likely to be his.

Scott Voss’s goal is to win $10 K by entering an MMA fight with the help of Nikko, a former MMA fighter played by Bas Rutten. Nikko is Voss’s tutor and delivers a compelling support performance. He is especially effective because he is an MMA fighter in real life.


  • “Very enjoyable. This is what a good comedy should be! It was hilarious, it was CLEAN, heartfelt, and left me with a very good feeling. Kudos!”
  • “A film I wouldn’t mind watching again.”

Be sure to check out famed MMA fighter, Bas Rutten in Here Comes the Boom, and be sure to check out his website for excellent insider information.

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