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Combat Chaz’s Review of Bas Rutten’s “Big DVDs of Combat”

| February 22, 2013

Bas Rutten Big DVD of Combat

Review by Combat Chaz

Review: Bas Rutten’s Big Books and DVDs of Combat 
by (the other) Matt Thornton (not from Straight Blast Gym) would like to thank Matt for his review of Bas’s Books and DVD’s – Keep ’em coming Matt!

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

+LOADED with techniques (12+ hours, no repeated techniques)

+Amazing price for the amount you’re getting ($115 for more moves than the entire Vale Tudo series)

+Excellent instruction, uses just the amount of time needed to explain a technique before moving on to the next one

+Organized so that you can easily view each technique by itself

+Great material on stand-up, grappling, ring strategy, (surprisingly) takedowns and takedown defense, conditioning, drills, etc.

+Great guest instructors, match clips, and of course, plenty of entertainment from El Guapo

+The definitive guide for a beginning to an advanced MMA fighter

Cons: -Some material is slightly controversial and can be argued against

-Can be boring IF you’re not paying attention and trying to learn (as with any instructional)


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