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Go Ahead and Rant it Out: Send a Rant to BAS on IMMA. He Just Might Air It.

| February 6, 2013


It’s time to face the facts. Your coworkers, your kids and especially your wife are tired of hearing you ramble about mixed martial arts. You may be completely right, but they do not seem to appreciate your genius anymore. What are you supposed to do now? Shut up? Find a new hobby? No way. There are people dying to hear your opinion! If you are a self-proclaimed MMA genius, then it is time to prove yourself. Send us your rant, and you could get on live TV. IMMA, or Inside MMA, features Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten diving into the world of MMA. They deliver predictions and go straight to events to get the scoop from the fighters. You may think you know everything, but they still might teach you a thing or two. However, you still get the last word. Dedicated fan Alex Ramirez was already featured live on IMMA, and all he had to do was speak his mind. Now, it is your turn. Get ready for your close up by creating a rant and posting it on YouTube. Send your best rants to Inside MMA on Facebook or Twitter, and tune in to see all the rants and action IMMA has to offer.

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