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MMA champ Bas Rutten reveals secrets to shaping up quickly and effectively

| February 27, 2013

Bas Rutten Blog - Bas Rutten MMA System

He looks tough, but when it comes to sharing his secrets to success, mixed martial arts (MMA) champion Bas Rutten is generous about sharing how you can shape up quickly and effectively. He’s created a highly rated workout program: “Bas Rutten MMA System Workout” (click here to get it now) that includes Boxing, Thai Boxing, All-round Fighting and All-round Workout CDs, a detailed DVD and an instruction manual. They’re designed to enhance your stamina, speed, reflexes, coordination and balance while blasting calories and fat. And here’s a tip from Bas to understand the depth of his knowledge: Boost the benefits of your workout and metabolism with muscle confusion.

“Do an abs workout and then jump on the treadmill, and see what happens,” suggests Bas. How this works: “By filling your abs with lactic acid, they “blow up” and start pushing against the lungs so now it’s much harder to breathe freely.  When you do a biceps routine first and then have to hit a bag, it’s hard because you only just “pulled,” making your biceps “blow up” and requiring you to “push.”  Those two don’t go well together.” Consequently, Bas bases his routines on what he calls “pushing-pulling-stamina.” For example, you could do biceps followed by triceps followed by a sprint on the treadmill, performed in “intervals of 50 seconds each, 10 seconds to go to the next exercise, and all 3 exercises done in 4 sets total.” Bas has created several different workout programs – click the link to get it now:

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