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The River Thief now playing

| October 17, 2016

Whats up guys , If you are near the Hollywood theater you should go see The River Thief .Bas is pretty much awesome in it;

Opens October 14th

The River Thief

Written and Directed by N.D. (Nate) Wilson
Cast: Joel Courtney, Raleigh Cain, Bas Rutten, Paul Johansson, Tommy Cash

A teenage drifter (Joel Courtney) stumbles upon a drug deal and steals the money, becoming a target of two vicious killers. Laying low in a small town, he unexpectedly falls for a waitress he meets there and decides to make things right in the hopes of winning her.

87 minutes
Distributor: Cinelounge

Screens at


at The Montalban Theatre

1615 N. Vine St. LA, CA. 90028

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