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| March 8, 2013

Bas Rutten Blog - Talk with Bas Rutten at BasRuttenMMA

It’s no secret that MMA legend Bas Rutten loves his fans. No further proof is needed than going to Rutten’s Twitter account. From his handle @BasRuttenMMA, he serves up daily interactions with fans from all over the world.

Rutten has accumulated 105,445 followers on his Twitter account. He fields questions about his career as a mixed martial arts fighter, a movie actor, an author and TV host. Fans who follow Rutten’s tweets can interact with him on a daily basis. An overwhelming majority of the tweets Rutten sends out involve answering fans or sending well wishes to specific people. His sense of humor and his appreciation of fans shines through in every word he tweets out.

Rutten remains a popular figure long after his retirement from MMA fighting because he remains so accessible. People who want to follow Bas Rutten and get updates on what he’s doing when he’s not hosting “Inside MMA” or “Punk Payback’ can follow him on Twitter. His handle is @BasRuttenMMA. Becoming a follower gives you special access to a living MMA legend. You can see a pro athlete who gets it and makes his fans as much of a priority as being an elite fighter.

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