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Thomas Macaluso’s Review of Bas’ “Big DVDs of Combat”

| February 20, 2013

Bas Rutten Big DVD of Combat

“After releasing his Extreme Pancrase videos, his MMA workout, and his Big Books of Combat, Bas Rutten has done it again with his Big DVDs of Combat. If you don’t want to read past this point, just read this: buy these DVDs.
I can’t begin to stress how much of a deal these things are. I have yet to find an instructional set that comes anywhere CLOSE to the duration, volume, and low price of this set. Not only are you getting over 12 HOURS of content, but there are no repeated techniques. So for example, where you spend 200 dollars for the Mario Sperry Vale Tudo DVDs, to watch him repeat a couple of moves over and over again, Bas shows you a move, explains it, if it needs it, shows a different angle on it, then shows the defense, and moves on. There are so many techniques, it’s ridiculous.
I’ll give a brief synopsis of the 7 DVDs in the set:

Bas starts off the Big DVDs of Combat by showing the essentials of MMA: positioning, conditioning, drills, and exercises. While Bas knows a LOT about fighting, he has a very controversial (I hesitate to say incorrect) approach towards weight training: he uses machines over free weights, and does sets upwards of 25-30 repetitions. Fitness outside of the dojo is not exactly Bas’ forté. However, he gives lots of great drills and exercises to do, including his famed “Japanese warm ups.”

This DVD focuses on striking, both on the ground and standing up. Bas gives lots of great ideas for ground striking, and then dives into his approach to stand-up fighting. Bas is VERY unorthodox, and a lot of things you learned in Thai boxing or boxing class will make you want to yell at the screen. Bas’ system is very different, but works for him. He offers that you try it the way he does it, and if you don’t like it, go back to doing it your way. He covers all the essentials for striking in his system in depth, and finishes off the DVDs with a nice list of tricks to use in sparring (look for some of these in the stand-up section of

This DVD covers the other half of essential striking and stand-up fighting: ring strategy, kicking a downed opponent (and kicking while you’re down), Thai pad training, takedowns, and defending takedowns. The ring strategy is excellent, and combined with the sparring tricks, will really motivate you to go spar. Surprisingly, the wrestling on this DVD is really good. Bas shows a couple takedowns, then hands it over to Mansour Heidari, who was an Iranian national wrestling champion. Mansour shows lots of takedowns that are pretty much designed for MMA. During the other half of the wrestling, Bas, Mansour, and Bas’ student Amir show lots of techniques and tips for stopping the takedown. In addition, the DVD shows some samples of the MMA workout, and 2 of Bas’ favorite fights in Pancrase.

DVDs 4, 5, and 6
These 3 DVDs cover Bas’ knowledge of submissions. DVD 3 focuses on chokes and neck cranks, DVD 4 on leg locks, and DVD 5 on all attacks to the arms. The list of submissions he put into these DVDs is endless. In addition, he organized it so that you can easily find each technique. Bas doesn’t waste any time and makes an effort to load these DVDs up.

The final DVD covers positional escapes, an interview with Bas, and techniques from guest instructors. There’s lots of great material on positional escapes, but Bas doesn’t seem to be a big expert on sweeps from the guard or half guard (he shows basic sweeps, but not really very many Jiu-Jitsu style sweeps, esepcially not open guard). The guest instructors include Matt Hughes, Gokor Chivichyan, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, Randy Couture, Marc Laimon, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Murilo Bustamante, Gene LeBell, and Robert Follis. Many more moves to learn here.

The only problems I have with these DVDs is, Bas is obviously human, and can only have so much knowledge. He has great knowledge of the MMA game as a whole, especially stand-up fighting, but some of the things he’ll show you will conflict with what you learn in a straight grappling or straight stand-up class. Bas advocates certain things that some of my MMA coaches tell me not to do. Really, here, it’s personal preference and what wins fights for you. And also, if you’re

looking to lift weights or do cardio for MMA, I would not recommend following the program Bas does. There are more knowledgable people on this subject. However, if you want a GREAT MMA workout, Bas’ MMA Workout CDs cannot be beat.

The price for all this? Just over 100 bucks.

Overall, if you’re beginning MMA, BUY THESE DVDs. They will continue to help you every day in the gym, both on your feet and on the mat. I’ve had these DVDs for well over 6 months, watch them constantly, and I’m still learning from them. Even though there’s lots of moves, remember to drill each one until you have it down.

If you’re at an advanced level, these DVDs can still help you, though obviously not as much as a beginner. Bas has an interesting style of grappling that is similar to Pancrase-style shootfighting (for obvious reasons). You’ll learn lots of ways to make your opponent tap that you may not have learned in your BJJ class.

A well made DVD set with a lot of info on striking , grappling a conditioning , but when you look at it you have to understand that this is not a Muay Thai set , a submission grappling set or BJJ set . What you will see is Bas Rutten’s MMA system . Thats not such a bad thing , you’ll get to see how someone successfull modified those skills so that he could win at MMA .

The Stand-up Striking DVDs will show a slightly different form than traditional Muay Thai which you may like or you might not ,but it does seem effective either way he shows a lot of good combinations and tactics

The Ground fighting DVDs show a aggressive stlye of fighting with a ground striking and a catch wrestling / pancrase approach to submissions

Another thing I like about this series is the fact that he gives examples of many of the techniques using video of his fights

Bottom line a good value with a lot of good info”

 Thomas Macaluso – Vital point martial arts

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